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Video Walls that Unleash Architectural Inspiration

ROHA Video Walls redefine indoors areas via providing endless chances for innovative expression. It also provides a dynamic way to supply artwork and information. ROHA video partitions, such as 0mm video wall can create a preferred emotion or build a company ride in any space.

Along with a definitely rectangular LCD display tile, ROHA 0mm video walls have three special sizes of LCD display tiles. We can establish these tiles in any function relative to each other, and individually at almost any angle. ROHA 0mm video walls make showing content easier, and programme every tile at the time of setting up to be aware of its personal vicinity and orientation relative to the others.

People can connect any video supply up to 4K resolution and it will automatically display throughout a special array of ROHA 0mm video wall tiles. The off-board strength elements can sophisticate it, the award-winning ROHA 0mm video wall can unit a new well-known for architectural video walls with unencumbered role flexibility.

People almost can use all content material supply to deliver content material to a ROHA 0mm video wall, together with PC, MAC, media player, video wall processor or digital signage system. It can be daisy-chained collectively when it is needed to optimize content material planning and resolution. People can search the internet site of ROHA or contact us for greater details.

The advanced technological know-how that bonds a shielding layer of glass to the front of the video tiles are accessible with ROHA 0mm video partitions, In order to make it ideal for high-traffic environments, people should require delivered safety and durability. It also offers expanded contrast, clarity, and legibility whilst lowering glare and parallax error.

In order to create a one-of-a-kind architectural video wall, accessories are handy for ROHA 0mm video walls. Accessories include edge-trim in black or white, as well as extension brackets, all of them can help overlapping video tiles. Other selections include cables and extenders, installation service and extended warranties.

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