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What About A Borderless Lcd?

Faced with the innovation of computer science and technology, wave and wave of new computers appear in people's eyes, and now the most popular type should be the borderless computer lcd. In fact, many people do not know whether the borderless lcd is really borderless, or just a merchant's promotional means. Today we will bring you what the borderless lcd is.

 What about the borderless lcd
1. Borderless lcd is one of the most popular concepts nowadays. With the development of technology to a certain extent, consumers' choice of computers is not only about the functions, but also the appearance of their monitors. Besides the color and material of the computer monitors, the thickness of the borders and the fuselage has also become one of the concerns of consumers in purchasing computers.

2. So, what about a borderless lcd? In fact, the borderless computer display combines the color of the lcd panel with the borders, so that users can not see the existence of the borders when they do not light the screen. This technology is to fuse the original bare display borders and integrate the borders into the inside of the fuselage. And this design is to make the appearance of computer monitors more beautiful, to a certain extent, to provide consumers with a broader visual area.

3. In the computer industry, there are mainly three kinds of views about no borders: no borders, zero borders, ultra-narrow borders, micro-borders and so on. In fact, the simple explanation is that the borders of computers are in the category of ultra-narrow borders. The millimeters of borders mentioned on the market also refer to the actual borders. When customers use the computer without borders, they can also see the inner borders of the monitors, and the industry will put these inside borders. The box becomes "black edge".

Is there really a borderless display?

Above, I have introduced the relevant knowledge of borderless computer monitors. I believe that people have doubts about the existence of borderless computer monitors. In fact, it shows that borderless computer monitors are impossible to exist, because the display needs panel support, backlight and drive three parts, and these materials can not be exposed outside, but must have borders. It is also easy for consumers to distract themselves when they watch a computer without a frame, because even if they can do so without a frame, designers will not necessarily do so.

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