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What breakthroughs have LCD splicing display made in recent years?

With the development of science and technology, LCD technology is changing with each passing day, and technological upgrades are taking on new forms. Especially, LCD splicing display has made great progress under the fusion of new technology, which makes it have powerful system application function and shocking display screen, and can create more diversified application effects for different industries and different application scenarios. So what breakthroughs have been achieved in LCD splicing display commercial display applications compared with the traditional ones in recent years?
LCD splicing achieves "seamless" vision: with the continuous integration of large screen display technology, "seamless" splicing has become a major trend. Although seamless splicing technology has always been a major bottleneck in the industry, as far as the current technological innovation is concerned, it gradually breaks through the technical difficulties and carries out the multilateral integration from hardware to software technology. It is pouring into zero mm and even lower points, making the display screen show high quality and high quality without any sense of fragmentation, and satisfying various control technologies and high-end display. Seamless effect.
The view of LCD splicing screen relaxes you: LCD splicing large screen display with high definition, high resolution, low radiation, low power consumption and other characteristics is favored by many users. In recent years, on the premise that seamless technology makes the quality of the picture continuously perfect and high-definition rendering, industry technology also focuses on the comfort of its visual senses, striving to create a delicate screen display, in addition to reducing the visual discomfort caused by strong radiation light, but also can bring shocking display effect. Interactive effect is more real: under the inspiration of intelligent technology, LCD spliced large screen not only possesses the advantages of diversified display, but also actively incorporates Internet technology and multi-dimensional induction technology, which can achieve more diversified human-computer interaction applications. For example, people can get the desired information by clicking on the touch function, and can expand the menu randomly, switch, intelligent interception and other operation functions, which can enhance the human-computer interaction experience and help users realize the best application value of large screen.

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