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What's the Difference between LED Display and LCD Display:

What's the difference between LCD display and LED display? LED backlight: power-saving (save 30%-50% more compared with CCFL), high price, high brilliance and saturation. CCFL backlight: consumps more power (more power-saving than CRT), low price.
The difference in picture: LED backlight has brighter color with high saturation (the light source of CCFL is different from that of LED). Now let me tell you which is better, LCD display or LED display.

What is LCD?

LCD's full name is Liquid Crystal Display. It mainly consists of TFT、UFB、TFD、STN and other types. 

TFT, usually used in LCD of notebooks, refers to Thin Film Transistor. Each pixel of liquid crystal is driven by the TFT integrated behind the pixel. Thus the information can be displayed at high speed, with high brightness and high contrast. It belongs to the one of the best LCD color display devices, and mainstream one used in notebooks and desktops. Compared with STN, TFT has excellent color saturation, reducing capacity and higher contrast. It works well in sunlight. Its shortcoming lies in that it is relatively power-consumping with high cost.

What is LED?

LED refers to Light Emitting Diode. LED application can be divided into two types: LED display and LED monotube (including backlight LED and infrared LED, etc.). In terms of LED display, China basically keeps pace with international level in design and manufacturing technology. LED display belongs to a display of arranged light emitting diode. With a scan driver of low voltage, it has the following characteristics: low power-consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, few malfunctions, broad view, long visible distance, etc.

The difference between LCD display and LED display:

Compared with LCD display, LED display has advantages over its brightness, energy consumption, viewing angle and refresh rate. LED technology can be used to make a display thinner, brighter and clearer than LCD display.

(1) The rate of LED to LCD in energy consumption is about 1:10, thus LED is more power-saving.
(2) With higher refresh rate, LED performs better in video.
(3) With a view of 160°wide, LED can display all kinds of words, numbers, color images and animation information, and can play color-video signals such as televison, video tape, VCD and DVD.
(4) The response speed of LED's single element is 1000 times quicker than LCD. It performs well in hard light, and can adjust to the low temperature of 40 degrees below zero.

In brief, LCD and LED are two different displaying technologies. LCD belongs to the display of liquid crystal, while LED of light emitting diode.

Dear friends, now you should know the differences between LCD and LED! You may say that you are determined to buy LED since it has so many advantages! However, next comes the focus of this article: the so-called LED display in the market is actually not the real LED display, or rather LED backlight liquid crystal diaplay. The LCD panel still belongs to traditional LCD display. It is somewhat deceitful! Samsung of South Korea was once accused by Britain advertising association that it broke the advertising law, for its “LEDTV” was likely to mislead consumers. For LCD, its panel and type of backlight play the key role. The LCD panel in the market usually adopts TFT panel. It’s the same. The only difference between LED and LCD lies in the type of backlight: LED backlight uses diode, while CCFL backlight (namely fluorescent lamp) cold cathode fluorescent lamp.

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