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Will LCD splicing screen be replaced by OLED in the next decade?

At present, the LCD industry has a huge scale and the production volume is rising year by year. The competition among LCD enterprises is fierce, and it can be predicted that the production of LCD panels will soar in the future. However, the sharp increase in the number of LCD splicing screen prices have also led to changes. The price of OLED panel has been high for technical reasons, which is one of the reasons why many users choose LCD splicing screen instead of OLED.

In the past year or two, OLED panel can not eliminate LCD equipment. But ten years later, it's hard to say. As more and more panel manufacturers begin to attach importance to OLED equipment and continue to switch to OLED panels, the price of OLED panels will decline to a certain extent while the production of OLED panels will increase in the future. If the price of LCD splicing screen is close to that of LCD splicing screen, it may replace LCD panel. But if the price of LCD panel is still much lower than OLED in the future, the market of LCD will still exist. Because OLED panel is developing while LCD panel is still developing.

Overall, OLED panels may eliminate LCD panels in the future, but it is not absolute. Because the different user groups determine the diversification of the market, only the simultaneous development of OLED and LCD splicing screen can satisfy the diversified market and meet the needs of users.
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