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Will OLED replace LCD? It won't happen in the next 5-10 years.

The vigorous development of TFT-LCD technology has not affected the market of TN-LCD and STN-LCD.
In the history of display technology development, when TFT-LCD first appeared, it was also thought that it would immediately replace the popular black-and-white display technology TN-LCD and STN-LCD.
But in fact, TN-LCD and STN-LCD, as black and white display devices, have the advantages of high technology maturity, reliable performance, complete industrial chain and low cost. They can meet some basic display needs of personal consumer electronics products, office supplies, equipment and automobiles.
For many application scenarios with low usage frequency or low display quality requirements, TN and STN LCD screens have been able to meet the needs of use, while TFT-LCD screens with higher display quality and richer colors are playing an important role in various intelligent display devices.
From this, it can be seen that the flat panel display industry has a multi-level and multi-type structure, and different display technologies can find their own specific target market and coexist.
The display industry has a huge market and can accommodate many technologies such as LCD and OLED at the same time.
In the short term, the market demand for display products has been strong in recent years, and manufacturers such as Beijing Oriental and Tianma have achieved good results in full production and full sales. With the continuous transfer of LCD display capacity to China, major manufacturers are unanimously optimistic about the future growth of China's LCD display industry.
According to the latest Longli technology prospectus, Foxconn plans to invest in the establishment of a new LCD panel factory in Wisconsin, Credit Limited plans to build a G5 generation line in Renshou, Meishan, and Helitai plans to build a quasi-G6 generation line in Jinggangshan.
At the same time, due to the urgent need of domestic panel manufacturers to support the domestic industrial chain, including backlight display module, polarizer and other key components of LCD module industry enterprises are also increasing capacity input.
Kangde New Plan invests in the construction of "Zhangjiagang Kangde New Year Produce 102 million square meters of advanced polymer membrane materials project".
Jizhi Science and Technology intends to invest in the construction of large frame width and thin thickness light guide plate production base.
Vogel optoelectronics plans to raise about 340 million yuan for the construction of TFT-LCD glass finishing project.
It can be seen that LCD market is still in the stage of development, which is the mainstream display technology at present.

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