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Customer demand
Multiple monitoring signals for large screen system
The public security industry large screen system mainly displays the urban public security monitoring signal. The system needs to have good access to the traditional analog video monitoring signals and the widely used digital monitoring signals.

Centralized display of multiple application systems
With the gradual improvement of public security information construction and the deepening of the integration of three policing, more and more public security application systems need a centralized display platform, which provides decision-making basis for command and scheduling.

High resolution application
The basic background of many majors on the large screen is the high resolution image information of the city, which can not be fully displayed by the ordinary client computer.

Real time display of various graphic and text information
The public security monitoring center has a clear requirement for refreshing speed of various videos, computer pictures and text information on the big screen, and professional system dynamic data refreshing requires real-time.

In the heart of the public security industry demand characteristics of large screen display control system, and large screen display technology development, our public security launched a large LCD screen system of the leading industry, the public security departments can master the real-time and control of emergency situations and disposal process, realize the efficient and reliable command.

Technical realization
1, comprehensive utilization system of high performance FPGA chip technology, network communication technology, broadband and high performance video encoding technology and a number of high-tech achievements, the various video sources (including traditional analog video signal and the widely used digital monitoring signal compression encoding, etc.) the data can be packaged into Ethernet the transmission of IP stream, the display terminal receives various signal stream and real-time decoding into image display.

2. the system for image acquisition GIS geographic information system, communication system, virtual control command system, digital audio playback system, alarm system, electronic map, leadership system, management system and technology to prevent the subsystem, and then the image is decomposed into network packets through the switch to an output node then, the output node data packet for mixed image, image display at the output.

public-security 2

3. according to the project system using multi scale block unit and liquid crystal splicing into Leroy splicing processor for the public security departments to realize distributed city high resolution image display provides the hardware foundation quality.

4. Large screen system is a system of Public Security Industry Ethernet switching system based on video, its superior network connectivity to all data to the display, graphics, video and other information can be displayed in real time, to enhance the level of information visualization, provides a powerful technical support for the Department of public security command and decision.

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1. Duration of warranty
From the date of Leroy, provide the warranty period of 2 years of seamless LCD splicing products.

2. Hardware replacement services
When confirming the replacement of hardware template, the company will provide spare parts replacement through spare parts warehouse and original spare parts center, so as to ensure timely replacement and repair of failure equipment.

3. upgrading and support services
When the user changes the operating system and application software need to adapt to the new operating system; application software Leroy has upgraded version; large screen splicing wall system hardware equipment replacement products, the company will timely according to the actual situation of the development of the upgrade scheme, upgrade service system, provide the latest product information and solutions.

4. Leroy intimate bag
After the end of the project, we will put a pouch on each of the project's overhauls. It contains data lines, power lines, and common fault handling instructions. And the company's 7*24 line service hotline to provide technical support to customers.

As an all-hardware DPS architecture product, the splicing processor has flexible modular processing to support input of various interfaces and types of signal sources.

It can not only support multi-window various types of signals on a single screen for superposition, roaming, window display, support 4K ultra-high-definition signal acquisition, but also manage several groups of splicing walls at the same time, sharing input signal source between splicing walls, output without interference, you can set different resolutions, adjust colors and other parameters.

In addition, the image processor also allows the user to preview all input signals in real-time on the PC and mobile control software, allowing for a more intuitive selection of the source of the signal to be operated. At the same time, you can view the real-time echo image of the large screen in the interface, improve the operator's work efficiency and prevent misoperation.

It also has an integrated central control serial port control interface that can forward RS232, RS485, DMX512 type commands, control projectors, large screen switches, and screen lifts.

The signal processing equipment needs to be matched according to the actual situation.


The distributor switches the input of one signal to the multi-channel signal, so that the single or multiple screens of the LCD splicing wall display what you want to show, which is mostly used in the exhibition of the shopping mall or in the exhibition hall of a public place such as a hotel company, and can realize the announcement information and display the company culture. Or the effect of promotion.


Compared with the distributor, the advantage of the matrix is that multiple signals can be output to multiple ports, so that the video wall can display multiple pictures at the same time, so that the user can view the picture at the same time, get the information quickly and promptly, and use it for traffic, security areas such as fire protection or monitoring companies.

External splicing processor

On the basis of the matrix, the external splicing processor can realize the functions of roaming superp-osition, picture-in-picture, picture-drawing, multi-video window division, splicing, arbitrary drag size, letter superposition and the like. It can be used in the security field of government, fire protection, public security and other industries, and has 7*24 hours weather adaptability.


Most of the frames of the splicing wall are three types: wall-mounted, stereo frame and floor cabinet. The specific choice needs to be selected according to the actual situation and the needs of the customer.

Wall-mounting is quick and easy to install, but considering the load-bearing capacity of the wall, this method is only suitable for small screens. The stereo frame has higher requirements on the environment and the bracket, and requires the ground to be flat and firm, but this method is very beneficial for the maintenance of the later period and the maintenance of the fault. The floor cabinet has a large footprint and is suitable for projects with a large number of screens. The rear space is relatively large, so that the heat dissipation effect is good, and there is still space at the bottom of the cabinet, and other auxiliary equipment can be placed.
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