Shenzhen Roha Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Building high end seamless joint ecological chain

1. Duration of warranty
From the date of Leroy, provide the warranty period of 2 years of seamless LCD splicing products.

2. Hardware replacement services
When confirming the replacement of hardware template, the company will provide spare parts replacement through spare parts warehouse and original spare parts center, so as to ensure timely replacement and repair of failure equipment.

3. upgrading and support services
When the user changes the operating system and application software need to adapt to the new operating system; application software Leroy has upgraded version; large screen splicing wall system hardware equipment replacement products, the company will timely according to the actual situation of the development of the upgrade scheme, upgrade service system, provide the latest product information and solutions.

4. Leroy intimate bag
After the end of the project, we will put a pouch on each of the project's overhauls. It contains data lines, power lines, and common fault handling instructions. And the company's 7*24 line service hotline to provide technical support to customers.

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